Marcin Przybylek

Marcin Przybylek (born in 1968, in Pultusk), a doctor by profession, a participant and a lecturer at The Student's School of Mental Hygiene (since 1990), a member and a founder of The Association of Active Personality Development (since 1993). He took part in Platon's Seminar (presented by professor Tadeusz Kobierzycki). The lecturer of The Student's Association of Mental Hygiene, leading The Individual Creativity College. Over 4000 hours of active classes with the students from different schools with supervision (supervisor: professor T. Kobierzycki). He worked as a medical representative of pharmaceutical concern KRKA, joined to the training team in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) and then he set up his own company "HEKSON The Personality Development Trainings" offering interpersonal trainings. Apart from the fiction he also publishes the articles in the field of personality development psychology and creativity (Quarterly: Heksis, Stakroos Publishing House, media studies and others). The author of works about modern music (e.g. Professor Marian Borkowski's music. Homeric sounds in " Form expression - content expression", published by AM at the name of F. Chopin). The analyses of man's psychology were presented in " The Male Characters. Homer, Tolkien" and " Father and Son, that is, Star Wars" (Stakroos Publishing House). Interested in painting - a large amount of published graphics in a quarterly: " Either‌Or. Jungowskie Inspirations" (Albo - albo. Inspiracje jungowskie), (an original collection of the zodiac's signs). He composes electronic music - the first prize in composer's competition "Music workshops - French Street '97". A literary debutant of a popular column "Grao Story" in a monthly magazine The World of Computer Games (Œwiat gier komputerowych) - June, 2000. He also let us get know himself as a publicist of the series "Gamemotions"(Co w duszy gra) and other articles in New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka). In November 2002, The New Science Fiction published the first story about a game detective: "Gamedec. The Ape's Trap". Published in May 2004, the 1st volume " Gamedec. The Reality Border" (SuperNOWA) describes Torkil Aymore's adventures (in twelve episodes). The 2nd volume "Gamedec.The Steam Engines' Sellers" was published in April 2006. The 3rd volume "Gamedec. The Toys" in preparation.



"Gamemotions"(Co w duszy gra) - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - January, 2002 - August, 2002
"Mad creativity- Creative madness" (Szalenstwa tworcze czyli tworcze szalenstwo) - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka)- October, 2004
"Virtual death" - Science Fiction Time (Czas Fantastyki) - February, 2005
"Not-so-obvious reality" (Rzeczy Oczy Wiste) - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - July, 2007


"Grao Story" - The World of Computer Games (Swiat gier komputerowych) - 2000 - 2003
"Gamedec. The Ape's Trap" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - November, 2002
"Gamedec. The Specialist" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - March, 2003
"Gamedec. The Adelheim's Syndrome" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - July, 2003
"Gamedec. Hunting" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - September, 2003
"Gamedec. The Reality Border" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - March, 2004
"Ringerer" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - October, 2004
"Gamedec. The Steam Engines' Sellers" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - August, 2005
"Gamedec. Request" - New Science Fiction (Nowa Fantastyka) - special edition 2 (15) 2007


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"Father and Son, that is, Star Wars" - 1997, Stakroos Publishing House.
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"Gamedec. The Steam Engines' Sellers" - 2006, SuperNOWA Publishing House.
"Salesmanship or Death" - 2007, Olszewski&Kunikowski Publishing House.


"About understanding mental health on medical studies" - textbook " Mental Hygiene for the Students of Medicine" Warsaw, 1991, ed. T. Kobierzycki
"The student's association of mental hygiene" - the same textbook
"The crowd, probability and the truth" - Heksis, Warsaw (1/95)
"The image of man in J. R. R Tolkien's trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" " - Heksis, Warsaw (2/95)
"The Iliad: A man's perspective" Heksis, Warsaw (3/95)
"Around the theory of positive disintegration" Heksis, Warsaw (2/96)
"The feelings - emotions and manners" Heksis, Warsaw (3/96)


T. Weckowicz " Depersonalization".
P. Rieff " The Scheme of Therapeutic Types".
E. T. Gandlin " The Existentialism and Empirical Psychotherapy".
M. Piechowski " Theoretical and Empirical Attitude to the Development Study".


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