13.01.2015 r. - Vlog news
Marcin rzecze

I am sorry for not visiting this place for a long time. I have been busy on Facebook, as you might know. Recently I started a new Vlog project. Please, visit my blog to see the results. Cheers.

15.08.2014 r. - Interviews
Marcin rzecze

Some time ago we talked with Mirosław "Tycjan" Gucwa on the "Gamedec" Board Game. Here you can read the whole interview. I also talked to Mikołaj Dusiński on cdp.pl blog. The interview was so long, it had to be cut in half. Here you can find the first and the second part.

14.08.2014 r. - Board Game reviews summary
Marcin rzecze

Let's sum up the videoreviews of the "Gamedec" Board Game. GildiaTwój Ruchintroduction by Game Troll, Review by Game Troll, Gameplay by Twój Ruch, Unboxing - Z Kartonu, and here is a videopresentation of the rules of the game.

13.08.2014 r. - "Gamedec" Board Game rewievs
Marcin rzecze

It is time to sum up the reviews of the "Gamedec" Board Game. Oblicza Kultury, Ogry Planszowe , Board Times, Znad Planszy , PoltergeistDzika Banda, Katedra / Ględzenie Shadowathe sesond review in Znad Planszy. I hope I did not forget about anything...

12.08.2014 r. - CEO Slayer in Krzysztof Woźniak's eyes
Marcin rzecze

If you don't like reading reviews, here you can watch one. Krzysztof Woźniak talks about "CEO Slayer".

11.08.2014 r. - Review by Marek Oramus
Marcin rzecze

It is not a common thing that a book of a younger writer is reviewed by an older, legendary master, whos books the younger one read as a teenager. This time it happened. Marek Oramus read and reviewed "CEO Slayer".

10.08.2014 r. - Missing reviews
Marcin rzecze

Well, there is much missing news. Please, accept my apologies. I will try to make it up. For the start - CEO Slayer reviews. QfantFantastak.s.i.ą.ż.k.aMK CzytujeDzika BandaZaginiony AlmanachCo przeczytać?, FahrentheitNie samą pracą... These are the most important, I think. There were also two interviews. On Dzika Banda website I talked to Paweł Deptuch, and on MK Czytuje blog we talked with Marta Kor. 

20.03.2014 r. - Pyrkon 2014
Marcin rzecze

I will visit Pyrkon this year. Here's what I'll do:


16:30 - [Discussion] Love has many names - especially in fantasy - Aula 2 - Literacka room

17:30 - [Discussion] Self-publishing - should writers publish temselves? - Literacka room 2 

20:00 - The shape of reality - Literacka room 1 


13:30 - Horyzonty Zdarzeń (Event Horizons) - Literacka room 2 

20:30 - [Discussion] Writers and internet - Aula 2 - Literacka room

22:30 - Gender and cooking - Aula 2 - Literacka room 


10:00 - [Discussion] Visions of economy - Literacka room 1 

12:00 - [Discussion] Is a nove-based movie supposed to be fidel? - Scene


Should somebody be curious, during "Horyzonty zdarzeń" (Event Horizons) event, a new s-f series of Rebis publishing house will be presented. There you will be able to see my new novel, "CEO Slayer". Cheers.

CEO Slayer

11.09.2013 r. - The second game review
Marcin rzecze

On "Gry bez prądu" website you can read a huge review of the "Gamedec" board game. Enjoy!

09.09.2013 r. - The first "Gamedec" the board game review!
Marcin rzecze

On Ogry Planszowe website you can read the first review of "Gamedec" board game. Enjoy :).

06.09.2013 r. - Vloggers play "Gamedec"!
Marcin rzecze

Such nicknames as Gimper, Soul, Kamruz or Ator are well known to all youtube short movies lovers. This time theese guys took on the "Gamedec" board game! You can watch their performance here. They did not comprehend all the rules, but to be honest they still were prepapred quite well!

03.09.2013 r. - Unboxing x 2
Marcin rzecze

You can watch two unboxings of the "Gamedec" board game: by "Prosto z kartonu" and in "Raport Obieżyświata". Enjoy :).

02.09.2013 r. - Gamedec in Znad Planszy
Marcin rzecze

On Znad Planszy website Mirosław "Tycjan" Gucwa talks to me on "Gamedec" board game. Enjoy.

28.08.2013 r. - Polcon
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Polcon. Here's the plan:

Thursday - 19.00 - 20.00 - Author meeting

Friday - 17.00 - 18.00 - "How do we exist?"

Friday - 20.00 - 21.00 -  "Gamedec" board game presentation

Saturday - 13.00 - 14.00 - "Nazguls, Siths & Up""

14.08.2013 r. - Game release date!
Marcin rzecze

06.09.2013, that's when the "Gamedec" board game will be available in stores. Still you can buy it in preorder.

31.07.2013 r. - Blog and Board Game sections
Marcin rzecze

remember to look into the board game and blog sections on this website. You will find interesting things there :).

29.07.2013 r. - The Game Heroes
Marcin rzecze

On the official "Gamedec" the board game website you can read an article of the heroes of the game. Enjoy!

25.07.2013 r. - Gamedec Board Game is on!
Marcin rzecze

Good news: from now on you can order the "Gamedec" board game in the cdp.pl shop. The official game website is here. Let me inform you again, that the newest versions of my ebooks can be bought kupić here.

Gamedec Board Game


24.07.2013 r. - Krakon
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Krakon. On Friday I'll have two meetings:

13.00 - "How do we exist?" - the lecture

14.00 - Author meeting (the same room: J2).

Meet me there :).

28.06.2013 r. - Game Prototype in Nidzica
Marcin rzecze

I'll attend Festiwal Fantastyki in Nidzica. At 14.00 on Saturday, in Galeria pod Belką room I'll present the "Gamedec" Board Game prototype.

08.04.2013 r. - CD Projekt and Gamedec
Marcin rzecze

On Ekonomia 24 website CD Projekt announced today the publishing of "Gamedec" board game. Fantastic news :).

26.03.2013 r. - An old GR review
Marcin rzecze

On Wirtualna Polska website i have found an old (2005), but not known review of "Granica rzeczywistości" ("Reality Border) by Michał Zacharzewski. It is quite a coincidence, as there is a new, better, electronic version of this book available on cdp.pl website. 

22.03.2013 r. - Gamedec Board Game page
Marcin rzecze

On the left menu you can find a new link leading to Gamedec Board Game section. Enjoy :).

21.03.2013 r. - Pyrkon 2013
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Pyrkon. Here's the plan:

SATURDAY 14:00 - LIFE - A GAME WITHOUT RULES - a lecture - room Literacka 2 

SATURDAY 16:00 - GAMEDEC BOARD GAME – presentation - room Literacka 1

SATURDAY 17.00 - autographs

SOBOTA 18.00 - KiK

Gamedec Board Game Teaser

07.03.2013 r. - An old - new trilogy on cdp.pl!
Marcin rzecze

Good news for Gamedec Fans: on cdp.pl website you can buy now ebooks: "Gamedec: Granica rzeczywistości" ("Gamedec: reality border"), "Gamedec: Sprzedawcy lokomotyw" ("Gamedec: steamengine sellers") and "Gamedec: Zabaweczki" ("Gamedec: little toys"). Theese ebooks are better and richer than the paper versions. In the first tome you will find the famous 13th story. The prices are fine, especially as far as the 3rd tome is concerned, because it is published in one book, not in two. Enjoy.


02.03.2013 r. - "Pożądanie" ("Lust") review in CF
Marcin rzecze

On Creatio Fantastica website Ksenia Olkusz reviewed "Pożądanie" ("Lust") omnibus. Enjoy.

01.03.2013 r. - 01 tome of CSI review in Efantastyka
Marcin rzecze

On Efantastyka website Gotan reviewed the first tome of "Czas silnych istot" ("The Time of Strong Beings"). Enjoy.

28.02.2013 r. - "Pożądanie" ("Lust") review in Poltergeist
Marcin rzecze

On Poltergeist website Artur "mr_mond" Nowrot reviewed "Pożądanie" ("Lust") omnibus. Enjoy. 

20.02.2013 r. - Pożądanie ("Lust") in Wirtualna Polska
Marcin rzecze

On Wirtualna Polska website you can find a review on "Pożądanie" ("Lust") omnibus. Enjoy.

19.02.2013 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" review in gram.pl
Marcin rzecze

On gram.pl website you can read "Czas silnych istot" ("The Time of Strong Beings") review by Trashka. Enjoy.

18.02.2013 r. - Pożądanie
Marcin rzecze

"Pożądanie" ("Lust")omnibus is accesible in bookstores for several days now. Among other good texts you can find my "Mała May" ("Little May") story there. On Katedra website one can read a review of the book. Enjoy. 

13.02.2013 r. - Kalina & Kaj
Marcin rzecze

On Fantastykapolska.pl website you can find my new novel "Kalina i Kaj. Książka teoretycznie dla dzieci" (Kalina & Kaj. A book theoretically for children). An e-book can be downloaded for free. Enjoy.

14.12.2012 r. - 44
Marcin rzecze

It is my 44th birthday today. I didn't do anything special to achieve it, but the number is quite magic. Receive my blessings, and let's hope we will meet again to celebrate 88. (Art: Domink Broniek)


Portret urodzinowy

23.11.2012 r. - Falkon 2012
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Falkon. Here is, what I'll do:

1. "Nazguls, Siths and Up" - Saturday (24th November), 10.00 - 10.50, room B1
2. Autographs - Saturday (24th November), 11.30 - 12.30, Solaris bookstore, SP20
3. Photographic Event „Gamedec-KaRoKa-Allegory” – 12.30 – 13.00 – beginning at the KaRoKa's (Mountain T-shirts).
4. "The last stand of Marcin Przybyłek: Torkil Aymore - from zero to hero, or from hero to zero?" - Saturday (24th November), 14.00-14.50, room B1.

Everybody is invited of course.

03.11.2012 r. - An interview in Kawerna
Marcin rzecze

On Kawerna website one can read an interview. I talk to Bartek "Zicocu" Szczyżański. Enjoy.

20.10.2012 r. - 2nd tome review in Oblicza Kultury
Marcin rzecze

On Oblicza Kultury website Magda Goetz reviewed the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

11.10.2012 r. - 2nd tome review in QFant
Marcin rzecze

On the QFant website Dawid Bastek reviewed the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

06.10.2012 r. - Two tomes review
Marcin rzecze

Kroz on "Właśnie skończyłem" website reviewed both tomes of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

05.10.2012 r. - Caught

We don't know exactly what happened. We just got this photograph. The rumour is that Marcin Przybyłek shouted on the streets "We don't want banks, we don't want democracy!", but we don't belive that. Some say that he did and said even worse things, but it certainly is not true. What we know is he got to prison because of his believes - the ones he expressed in "The Time of Strong Beings". What's next?


Zdjęcie z komisariatu

04.10.2012 r. - 2nd tome review in Insimilion
Marcin rzecze

Moreni of the Insimilion website reviewed the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

02.10.2012 r. - 1st tome review in Insimilion
Marcin rzecze

On Insimilion website Moreni reviewed the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

01.10.2012 r. - Tome 02 review in Szortal
Marcin rzecze

On Szortal website Hubert Stelmach reviewed the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

30.09.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" tome 1 and 2 review
Marcin rzecze

On Onet Kultura website Iwona Grabowska reviewed both tomes of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

26.09.2012 r. - Competition in gram.pl
Marcin rzecze

The gram.pl website announced a competition. All you have to do is to describe your favourite science fiction video game. The prize are the two tomes of "The Time of Strong Being". The deadline is the 30th of September. Good luck!

25.09.2012 r. - The 2nd tome fragments
Marcin rzecze

On Fabryka Słów website one can read three fragments of the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy. 

24.09.2012 r. - 2nd tome review on Polter
Marcin rzecze

On Poltergeist website Jakub Nowak reviewed the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

23.09.2012 r. - 1st tome of "TToSB" review in Wirualna Polska
Marcin rzecze

On Wirtualna Polska website Rafał Śliwiak reviewed the 1st tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

22.09.2012 r. - Two tomes review
Marcin rzecze

On Katedra website you can read a review by Beata Kajtanowska of the two tomes of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

21.09.2012 r. - It is today!
Marcin rzecze

From now on you can buy the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings" in bookstores! Enjoy! 


Czas silnych istot, księga 02



20.09.2012 r. - Competition results
Marcin rzecze

Alchemia Słowa website announced the results of a literary competition, among others, on Gamedec Fanfic. Here are the winners:

1) Arkadiusz ‚Dragon Warrior’ Grzeszczak - Homo divinus

 2) Tadeusz ‚Taka’ Kajak - Void

3) David ‚Kthaara’ Zgud - Laurus.


19.09.2012 r. - 2nd tome of "TToSB" review in Game Exe
Marcin rzecze

On Game Exe website you can read the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings" review by krzyslewy. Enjoy.

18.09.2012 r. - A graphic artist and a writer
Marcin rzecze

On Kawerna website one can look at 11 drawings by Dominik Broniek, which were created to illustrate some scenes in "The Time of Strong Beings". Not only you can watch them, but also read of the cooperation between the writer and the graphic artist. A big fun for your eyes. Enjoy.


Torkil, Pauline i Coremour

17.09.2012 r. - Review of the 1st tome in Valkiria
Marcin rzecze


On Valkiria website one can read the 1st tome of "The Time of Strong Beings" review by Przemek Wasik. Enjoy.


16.09.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" has a spin-off!
Marcin rzecze

Well, yes, it is true. Katarzyna Tatomir reviews the "Science Fiction" omnibus on QFant website. In this omnibus ther is a story "Inner dimension" by Marcin Przbyłek, which is a spin-off of "The Time of Strong Beings".

15.09.2012 r. - Review of the 2nd tome in MLK
Marcin rzecze

On the 30th page of "Magazyn Literacki. Książki" one may read a review of the 2nd tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

14.09.2012 r. - Review of the 1st tome in Szortal
Marcin rzecze

Hubert Stelmach reviewed the first book of "The Time of Strong Beings" on Szortal website. Enjoy.

13.09.2012 r. - Review of the 2nd tome in Kawerna
Marcin rzecze

Bartek "Zicocu" Szczyżański reviewed the second tome of "The Time of Strong Beings".

11.09.2012 r. - Multi-interview in QFant
Marcin rzecze

In the newest issue of QFantu you may read a multi-interview about me. Ewa Białołęcka, Lech Jęczmyk, Andrzej Zimniak, Zbigniew Henry Szatkowski, Robert Letkiewicz, Paweł Zaręba, Marcin Jakubowski, Marcin Klicki, Tomasz Bilewicz, Krzysztof Chalik and Krzysztof Ożóg are sharing their views concerning me.

Journalists: Dariusz Barczewski, Dawid Bastek and Łukasz Szatkowski.



10.09.2012 r. - Review in Miasto Kultury
Marcin rzecze

On Miasto Kultury website one may read the review of the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". The review is written by Mateusz Kołodziejczak.

09.09.2012 r. - The second review in Kawerna
Marcin rzecze

Bartek "Zicocu" Szczyżański revied the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings" on Kawerna webesite. Enjoy.

19.08.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" next review
Marcin rzecze

On the webpage of Magazyn Literacki Książki (7/2012) one can read another review od the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

16.08.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" review in NF
Marcin rzecze

In the newest issue of Nowa Fantastyka (08/2012) one can read the review of the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

10.08.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" Game Exe review
Marcin rzecze

On Game Exe website one can read a review of the first book of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

22.07.2012 r. - Another review in Qfant
Marcin rzecze

Dawid Basetk reviews the first tome of "The Time of Strong Beings" on Qfant website. Enjoy.

21.07.2012 r. - Avangarda 2012
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Avangarda 8. Here's what I'll do:


- Lecture "GamedecVerse", on the premiere of "The Time of Strong Beings" - 11:00 - 12.00, Aula I
- Lecture "Nazguls, Siths & UP" - 15:00 - 16.00, Aula I


- Literary workshops - 10:00-12:00, Aula II
- Discussion panel (with Dawid Kain) "Taboo in literature" - 17:00-19:00, Aula I


- Discussion panel (with Agnieszka Hałas and Michał Studniarek) "Heroes & Antiheroes" - 11:00-13:00, Aula II


20.07.2012 r. -
Marcin rzecze

It is the day. Go to Inmedio, Relay, Media Markt, Saturn, visit Merlin or Solaris bookstore, see Fabryka Słów shop and enjoy the reading :).

Księga 1 "Czas silnych istot"

19.07.2012 r. - Banks go down
Marcin rzecze

Fabryka Słów on it's website published some fragments of "The Time of Strong Beings" considering the future industry. Enjoy the reading.

18.07.2012 r. - Controversial fragments
Marcin rzecze

Fabryka Słów published some fragments of "The Time of Strong Beings" describing rather not so typical social norms of family life of the far future. Enjoy the reading.

17.07.2012 r. - Interview in Poltergeist
Marcin rzecze

In Poltergeist website Jakub Nowak talks with me on "The Time of Strong Beings" and not only. Enjoy the first part of an interview.

11.07.2012 r. - New "The Time of Strong Beings" part 1 review
Marcin rzecze

On Kawerna website Magda Goetz reviews the first part of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy.

06.07.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" first review!
Marcin rzecze

On Poltergeist portal Jakub Nowak reviews the first part of "The Time of Strong Beings". Enjoy the reading. The premiere of the book will take place on the 20th of July this year.


The Time of Strong Beings, part 1

12.06.2012 r. - Nidzica Festival
Marcin rzecze

I will visit Fantasy Festival in Nidzica. All my lectures will take place on Friday, 22th of June, 2012. Here are the hours: 15.30 "Siths, Nazguls and "Up"", 18.30 "The Story of Maciej Garbacz" - presentation during vernissage, 21.00 - leading of Robert Letkiewicz's electronic music concert "Across the stars". Everybody is invited.

16.05.2012 r. - "The Time of Strong Beings" in Fabryka Słów!
Marcin rzecze

It's official now: the newest tome of Torkil Aymore's adventures, "The Time of Strong Beings", will be published by Fabryka Słów in two books. The date of the first one's release is the 20th of June 2012. Enjoy.

13.04.2012 r. - New in the Books
Marcin rzecze

I have added the "Science Fiction" omnibus to the Books section. You can read a fragment of the "Internal Dimension" story published there and some reviews. I have also added the fragment of "Aquila Aquila" story published in "Eleven claws" omnibus. Enjoy.

17.02.2012 r. - News from the battlefield
Marcin rzecze

I am writing another tome of Gamedec Saga: "Gamedec: Pictures of the Empire". I hope to finish it till summer. The novel "Gamedec: The Time of Strong Beings" is in the publishing house and being processed.

22.12.2011 r. - Instead of wishes
Marcin rzecze

On my blog I wrote some reflections on Christmas. Enjoy :).

08.12.2011 r. - Nordcon
Marcin rzecze

I will attend Nordcon. Here's what I'll do:

Author meeting - Friday 18.30 - 19.30

Gamedec and games - Saturday 13.00 - 14.00

Space SF, discussion panel - Saturday 14.30 - 15.30

Everybody is invited of course.

16.11.2011 r. - Review in Esensja
Marcin rzecze

In Esensja website one may read the rview  of "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" book. Enjoy the reading.

10.11.2011 r. - Falkon
Marcin rzecze

I'll be on Falkon. Here's what I'll do:

Friday - 19.00 - lecture "Sex in Gamedec saga"

Saturday - 10.00 - author meeting, 11.00 author duty.

Everybody is invited of course.

24.08.2011 r. - Chalik's exhibition
Marcin rzecze

Gildia and other websites informs what fans of Krzysztof Chalik already know: there comes an exhibition of his art in Traffic Club (October / November) in Warsaw. Visitors will hear there Robert Letkiewicz's music and will hear my short story about how me and Zbyszek Szatkowski created scenario of "Leanne" comic. Everybody is invited of course :).

Obraz Krzysztofa Chalika

17.08.2011 r. - Leanne in Ziniol
Marcin rzecze

On Ziniol website one can read the two parts of an interview with "Leanne" comic creators. Here you can read the talk to Krzysztof Chalik and Robert Letkiewicz, and here to Zbyszek Szatkowski and to me. Enjoy.

21.07.2011 r. - Avangarda 2011
Marcin rzecze

I'll visit Avangarda. Here's what I'll do:

1. Secrets of good narration - Friday, 12:00, room LIT 2 

2. Author meeting - Friday, 16.00, room LIT2

3. Future communication - Saturday, 11:00, room AULA I - LIT 1 

4. Motives - Saturday, 15:00, room LIT 2

Everybody is invited of course.

30.06.2011 r. - Reviews
Marcin rzecze

Four gamedec reviews appeared in the net lately: "Little Toys. Flashes" was reviewed by Montinek in Nowa Fantastyka webpage, NessunDorm reviewed "Borders of Reality" and reviewed "Locomotive salesmen" in Elizjon portal, and the same tome was reviewed by kocio in Biblionetka webpage. Enjoy.

29.06.2011 r. - Looking back
Marcin rzecze

I was in Nidzica on Festiwal Fantastyki. Here's what I did:

17th of June, friday, 20.00 - Krzysztof Krawiec vernisage - "Krzysztof Krawiec's obsessions" presentation

17th of June, friday, 21.00 - leading of Robert Letkiewicz's electronic music concert ("Spaceport" record, some pieces were inspired by GamedecVerse, some by Krzysztof Chalik's paintings. Krzysztof was present in Nidzica.)

18th of June, Saturday, 13.00 - lecture "Tao in Star Wars"

19th of June, Sunday, 11.30 - lecture "Future communication"

Festiwal as usualy was excellent, guests were awesome, atmosphere was unforgettable. I wait for the next one :).

Next I visited Wrocławskie Dni Fantastyki.

Here's what I did:

25th of June, Saturday, 11.00 - lecture "Future communication"

25th of June, Saturday, 20.00 - author meeting, leading - Klaudia "Foka" Heintze.

Wrocławskie Dni are always excellent, the meeting was awesome. Till the next time, Wrocław - dwellers!

06.05.2011 r. - Białystok - Fanstok
Marcin rzecze

Tomorrow, on the 7th of May I will visit Białystok and participate in Fanstok. Here's what I'll do:

13.00 Paper vs. chip – Rafał Kosik, Katarzyna Kosik, Marcin Przybyłek - panel discussion

14.30 Trouble with being – Marcin Przybyłek - lecture on contemporary physics theories

18.15 Gamedec as an creation – Marcin Przybyłek - a story on Gamedec an all the things that became and still become around.

Come and see :)

21.04.2011 r. - Instead of wishes
Marcin rzecze

One of the first comics from abroad I had a chance to look at was „Man-God” written by Roy Thomas (art by Rich Buckler and Tony DeZuniga). It was bought in Great Britain by my father, who purchased also „Doc Savage”, but, sadly, I cannot find the proper cover in the net, and I don't possess the comic anymore. It was really a long time ago. I was 7, mayby 9. The reality around, from the aesthetic point of view, was rather grey and sad. The comisc were astonishing: the covers were glamorous, colourful, the arts were splendid, although black and white inside. And the smell... As the owner of such wonders I was the king. My colleagues wanted to read the books so badly, that two of them almost tore "God-Man" in two. I was not very pleased with that. I remember my fascination not only with the graphic beauty of the comic, but also with the concept of man - god. There is a contradiction in it, and also cohesion, which brings to mind the symbol of Yin and Yang.  The idea is not new of course. The ancient ones told about heroes - half men and half gods. The mythological stories are full of human gods, among whom Chirst is just one of many. I have a sensation, that a man on his road to self developement seeks not only the paths, which will enable him to become a good man, but also to reach for something further. We all know that homo sapiens is not the ultimate peak of evolution, don't we? Maybe because of that in the VIth tome of Gamedec Saga (I am starting to think about it) Rans like Torkil get the name of human gods. Will they in the final act ascent to heaven? Some of them - yes. Having achieved the ultimate knowledge will they be willing to help people? Oh, it will depend on their strong will. I have a sensation, that when someone reaches the ultimate knowledge - he dies. Mayby this is the reason, why gods sometimes wish to become humans. It makes them develop. 



14.04.2011 r. - Janusz Zajdel Prize

Till the 15th of June one may vote for the best Polish novel and story in 2010. The details can be found here.
Every reader can choose from one to five texts in each category. Vote here:


As far as Marcin Przybyłek's creation is concerned, he published in 2010 a novel "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" and a story "Aquila Aquila" in "Eleven claws" omnibus.

10.03.2011 r. - Gamedecon 2011
Marcin rzecze

In Paradox (Jezierskiego street 3/5, Warsaw), on the 19th of March at 18.00 a Gamedecon will take place, namely a little celebration summarising the efforts of creating the Gamedec Saga. All who consider themselves interested are invited :).

Cheers, Marcin Przybyłek.

07.03.2011 r. -
Marcin rzecze

There are quite a lot of "Eleven Claws" reviews. Should anyone want to read them, they are here. Enjoy.

11 pazurów


08.02.2011 r. - News from the battlefield
Marcin rzecze

It is the highest time to say, that the 5th tome of Gamedec Saga, "Gamedec: The time of strong ones" is written. In a month or two it will be submitted to the publishing hosue and after that the fate of the book will be beyond my will. The tome tells the story of events that take place nearly one hundred cycles from the adventures described in the 4th part. It is a standalone position so the reader will not have to wait for the second part. It doesn't mean the story of Torkil ends, oh no, soon I will begin works on the 6th tome. The number of pages in "Gamedec: The time of strong ones" will be a bit higher than in the "Gamedec: Little toys. Flashes". I hope you will find the story interesting.  

Czas silnych istot


02.02.2011 r. - Sfinks has launched
Marcin rzecze

Sfinks has launched. You can vote for your favourite book till the 30th of May. The verdict will be known on Międzynarodowy Festiwal Fantastyki w Nidzicy, on the 18th of June.

If somebody does not remember, which my book was published in 2010, I remind you: "Gamedec: Little toys. Storm" :)

You may vote here.




31.01.2011 r. - "Professional" in professional envelope
Marcin rzecze

In downloads  subpage one may find an interesting gift: a multimedia presentation containing a description of gamedec tetralogy, reviews, my biography and "Professional" story from the first tome of Gamedec Saga. Music by Robert Letkiewicz. Enjoy.

Prezentacja multimedialna

31.01.2011 r. - Tomasz Bilewicz paints GamedecVerse
Marcin rzecze

We remind you that in the downloads subpage one may have a new wallpaper by Tomasz Bilewicz. Enjoy.


04.01.2011 r. - Gamedec in Lightspeed
Marcin rzecze

Marcin Jakubowski, the author of Gamedec City illustration has an interview on Lightspeed website. Enjoy :).

03.01.2011 r. - A record by Robert Letkiewicz!
Marcin rzecze

Robert Letkiewicz's "GamedecVerse" record can be downloaded from Pobieralnia (Polish version of the website only). Enjoy the listening :).


23.12.2010 r. - The Winter Solstice
Marcin rzecze

Let's imagine we just colonized the Earth, and saw it for the first time like shown below. The winter solstice becomes the smmer one. What would we wish then? Let the days shorten as beautifully like they did when they grew, and may the people down south (in Europe) have them longer as joyfully as we did during last 180 days :). Happy New Year :).


21.12.2010 r. - Leanne
Marcin rzecze

On FutuShare website one can see a net comic "Leanne", which is the first official spin-off of Gamedec Saga. The main heroine is a diginet created by Ariston Borgia, whom readers know from the 1st tome of Torkil's adventures. Graphics is made by Krzysztof Chalik, screenplay was written by myself and Zbigniew Szatkowski, music was composed by Robert Letkiewicz. He did the animation too. "Leanne" is probably the first net comic with animations and music. The pages will be published one by one, one per week till the project ends. 



21.12.2010 r. - Games Fanatic Review
Marcin rzecze

On Games Fanatic website one can read the first review concerning the Gamedec Board Game. Mirosław "Tycjan" Gucwa is talking to myself and Jan Madejski. Enjoy :).


GBG Ben Tow

06.12.2010 r. - Gamedec Board Game
Marcin rzecze

For over one year the works have been held concerning the board game set in the world described in Gamedec Saga. The game will be for 1-6 players (5 male and 5 female gamedec characters have been created). The player's goal will be to conduct an investigation leading to the hackers who terrorise the net. The gamedecs will visit sensory worlds (8), realium and corporations (4). They will perform missions, thanks to which they will collect the leads, do actions connected to the place of their stay, buy equipment from corporations and interact with other gamedecs. The winner can be only one, but the game mechanics allows also the failure of all the players (the hackers win) The game rules and mechanics have been created by Jan Madejski. Graphics is made by Tomasz Maroński and Łukasz „Ortheza” Matuszek, the music is composed by Zbigniew Szatkowski and Robert Letkiewicz, the patron and critic of the project is of course myself. The final tests and modifications are held right now. The game will be dynamic, allowing strategic planning. There will be also some very fresh additions, but they are "top secret" for now. Below one can see the working sketches of Tomasz Maroński (the Deep Past World) and Łukasz "Ortheza" Matuszek (one of the gamedecs, Angela Baal).

Deep Past World


Angela Baal

30.11.2010 r. - Morning Over Warsaw City
Marcin rzecze

Zbigniew Szatkowski, a composer and member of Votum rock band, composed the „Morning over Warsaw City” record illustrating events taking place in my Gamedec Saga. The record can be downloaded from pobieralnia (Polish version only), and soon from www.GamedecVerse.com. It is best to listen to the pieces in the predefined order, and to loop the play...


Morning Over Warsaw City


22.11.2010 r. - An interview in Katedra
Marcin rzecze

On Katedra website I talk to Beata Kajtanowska. Enjoy reading :).

09.11.2010 r. - AntyRadio 15.05
Marcin rzecze

Tomorrow at 3.05 PM I'll have a talk about gamedec with Tomasz Kasprzyk in AntyRadio. Enjoy the listening :).

06.11.2010 r. - Falkon
Marcin rzecze

Soon I will visit Falkon. Here's the plan:


11.00 - 12.00 - room 019 - "We are not" - a lecture

13.00 - 14.00 - room 018 - an author meeting.

Everybody is invited of course :).

06.11.2010 r. - Aquila, Aquila
Marcin rzecze

In SuperNOWA omnibus "Eleven claws" one can find my story "Aquila, Aquila" which takes place in Warhammer 40 000 universe. Enjoy :).

Jedenaście pazurów

26.10.2010 r. - Ann Sokolowsky in the net!
Marcin rzecze

Ann Sokolowsky is more and more popular in the net. Saba Horan is making the Second Life skins. Lately she decided to create the image of Ann Sokolowsky from gamedec saga. She even made the realium look of Sokolowsky, namely the Doom motomb. Congratulations, Saba. We hope you will look more often in gamedec saga searching for inspiring heroes :)


Ann Sokolowsky

23.10.2010 r. - A huge review in gram.pl
Marcin rzecze

Trashka from gram.pl website did an amazing thing: she reviewed all four gamedec saga tomes at once. Thus a big analisys has been made, divided into four parts: "Gamers of the future""The Beast and she-angels""One in three persons", and "And the world trembled". Enjoy the reading. The texts are worth it :).

06.10.2010 r. - Shop!
Marcin rzecze

I think I have good news for all who would like to have my books (including "Antiguide"), T-shirts, pendants etc. An e-shop (Polish version only) has been just launched and will sell all the treasures. If you look left at the menu, you will see, that just above the "blog" link a new one has appeared. Enjoy :).

31.08.2010 r. - A new "Storm" review
Marcin rzecze

This time by Beata Kajtanowska on Katedra website. A very good review indeed :).

29.08.2010 r. - "Storm" review
Marcin rzecze

Sir Alexander on Gildia website wrote a review of "Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes". Enjoy :).

24.08.2010 r. - The first part of an interview
Marcin rzecze

On Matras website one may read the first part my talk to Ewa Toczyska. Enjoy :).

22.08.2010 r. - A new "Flashes" rewiev
Marcin rzecze

Sir Alexander wrote a "Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes" review on Gildia website. Enjoy :).

11.08.2010 r. - Tricon
Marcin rzecze

I will attend Tricon. Here's the plan of my lectures:

1. Discussion panel "And I made him to look like me" - Thursday, 18.00-19.00

2. "Final goals" - Friday, 11.00-12.00

3. "How to make presentations?" (lecture in English) - Friday, 12.00-13.00

4. Discussion panel "Fandom terraforming - of creating fan environments around creators" - Friday, 15.00-16.00

5. "Love and sex - how to create true emotions" - Saturday, 17.00-18.00

Everybody is invited of course :).

27.07.2010 r. - Czech „Locomotive salesmen” cover
Marcin rzecze

Lase-Books publishing house showed the cover for the second gamedec saga tome. The author of the illustration is Marcin Jakubowski. Hope you like it :)


26.07.2010 r. - A new "Storm" review
Marcin rzecze

Jakub Nowak published a new "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" review. Enjoy the reading :). 

21.07.2010 r. - Avangarda
Marcin rzecze

I will attend the Warsaw Avangarda convent. Here is my presentations plan:


12.00 - "Matrix philosophy" - room Lit 2
13.00 - "The history of GamedecVerse illustrations" - room Lit 2
15.00 - "Taoism in Star Wars" - room Lit 2
20.00 - "GamedecVerse music" - room Lit 2


16.00 - Author meeting - room Lit 1

Everybody is invited of course :).

19.07.2010 r. - Two reviews
Marcin rzecze

One can read the two new reviews of the 4th gamedec tome in the net. One, in Poltergeist is by Bartosz "Zicocu" Szczyżański, and the second one, in Kawerna is written by Tixon. Enjoy :)

16.07.2010 r. - Games Creators Meeting
Marcin rzecze

This Saturday I'll vist Gdańsk to participate in Games Creators Meeting. At 12.00 I'll deliver a presentation "Gamedec and games", and at 18.00 I'll take part in a discussion panel "And now Poland?". Everybody is invited :).

05.07.2010 r. - The second "Storm" review!
Marcin rzecze

After the first, splendid review by Jakub Winiarski of the 4th gamedec tome, one can read the second one by Rafał Śliwiak on Wirtualna Polska website. Enjoy :).

26.06.2010 r. - In Wrocław
Marcin rzecze

This weekend I am present at Wrocławskie Dni Fantastyki in a... virtual way. My speech "Matrix philosophy" was presented yesterday (on Friday) at 21.00, and presentation "Star Wars Tao" will be showed today in Star Wars Room. Everybody is invited of course :).

27.05.2010 r. - New Zone, new Verse, new Gamedec
Marcin rzecze

Hello s-f lovers and especially gamedec fans. The 4th tome premiere is soon (the 7th of June 2010), so the webmaster team consisting of Marcin „wiesniak” Sierżant, Mariusz „Lafcadio” Klimek and Łukasz „Ixolite” Andrzejowski prepared some surprises for you. Marcin and Mariusz changed the engine of this website, thank to which the site is quicker and better. There are some graphic changes, and, what makes me especially happy, there is a blog in this very site (if you look at the menu you will find the proper link). I promise to make regular entries there. There comes the end of exodus in Gildia and CDA. Gamedec comes back to the matrix, that is Zone.

During last few months Marcin Jakubowski, an eminent Polish graphic artist cooperated with me creating a new gamedecverse illustration. You can watch it here, and in downloads site you can download wallpapers with it.


Last but certainly not least, Łukasz “Ixolite” Andrzejowski created a new website, www.Gamedecverse.com. If you click on the above banner, or the link hanging above the menu, you will go there and see his work. Gamedecverse.com serves as a promotion site. It’s purpose is to encourage to read gamedec saga, present the vision and to explain some details concerning gamedec spot, which was produced for almost a year in, so to say, secret. If you would like to see it, watch below, or go to the gamedecverse.com, where it can be downloaded from.

23.04.2010 r. - Official
Marcin rzecze

SuperNOWA publishing house announced the final date of „Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm” premiere:  the 7th of June. Let’s wait then.

 Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm 

20.04.2010 r. - The Round Saucer Knights
Marcin rzecze

This weekend I will attend „The Round Saucer Knights” event in Białystok. Maja Lidia Kossakowska, Jarosław Grzędowicz and Witold Jabłoński will also be there, so the company is going to be decent. My author meeting will take place at 14.00 on Saturday. Everybody is invited of course. The whole event program may be seen here.

31.03.2010 r. - The First "Storm" review!
Marcin rzecze

In the April issue of Nowa Fantastyka one can read the first official "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" review by Jakub Winiarski. The book (and the whole saga) got the maximum "six" mark. It is the time to celebrate! :-).

24.03.2010 r. - Pyrkon
Marcin rzecze

I'll attend Pyrkon in Poznań in two days. Here's what I'll do:


17.00 - "The making of gamedecverse visualisations" - literary room 1,
20.00 - author meeting - literary room 1,


15.00 - "And the walls shall fall" - panel discussion,
19.00 - "Star Wars Taoism" - multimedia hall,


10.00 - "Matrix philosophy" - literary room 1

Everybody's invited of course :-).

01.03.2010 r. - Blog news
Marcin rzecze

May I recall, that I work pretty hard on CD Action blog, and have just began writing on Andrzej "General" Sawicki blog "EGM w Sosie Własnym Unrated". Enjoy : ).

09.02.2010 r. - Interview
Marcin rzecze

It was an honor to meet Jakub Winiarski and talk to him. He composed quite an interesting interview with me which he placed on his website "The literature is sexy". Enjoy :-).

29.01.2010 r. - A new column
Marcin rzecze

In the newest issue of Nowa Fantastyka one can read my article "Self realization". Enjoy :-).


17.01.2010 r. - An interview in Fahrenheit
Marcin rzecze

In the newest Farhenheit issue one can read an interview with me led by Mariusz Klimek. Enjoy the reading :-)

21.12.2009 r. - Instead of wishes
Marcin rzecze

A long time ago I have seen a movie "A boy with a gun" or something like that. It was about a little lad, who dreamed of a water pistol, which was available at the local store, alas too expensive for him. His grandfather gave him a real, heavy gun, which was supposed to be used one day, when the boy grows up. Then the act of vendetta would be fulfilled. The main hero would kill somebody to save family honor. The boy listened to his grandfather in silence, and nodded that he will do his duty. I don't remember how the story unfolded, but I recall the last scene: the boy running to his colleagues, laughing, firing his brand new, colorful water pistol. I think, the scene showed the beauty of manhood: the hero did not want the real weapon. Did not want to shoot with metal bullets. He wanted to play with water, colorful toy.

When I observed toy guns at the mall lately, I thought it would be good if those yellow and red and blue toys trapped the idea of war, so that people would only play war, did not fulfill its "metal" form.

It would be beautiful, and still human.

Christmas and New Year bests

Marcin Przybyłek

03.12.2009 r. - I will be on Nordcon
Marcin rzecze

Nordcon starts today, but I'll be there since Friday. Here is the plan:


21.00 Self defence mechanism - lecture, Visualium Minor


10.00 - Gamedec contest
16.30 - Shocking psychological experiments
18.30 - Author meeting + gamedec spot presentation

Everybody is invited, of course :-)

02.12.2009 r. - An invitation for a graphic artist
Marcin rzecze

"A graphic artist needed" one would say. I deeply believe in creations attacking many senses. I deal with words, but would happily greet a cooperation with a graphic artist with a mature style, who, eager to create gamedecverse, would paint / draw scenes of my books, not counting on immediate fees (in writers career this sort of things is a long wait). I look for someone, who would like to construct the graphical side of gamedecverse. If you wanted to contact me a long time ago, it is a proper time. Just click "contact" and do it :-).

16.11.2009 r. - A model
Marcin rzecze

It is non officially known, that I paint Warhammer 40 000 models from time to time. It has been a great surprise and pleasure to me to find out that my Forge World Space Marine (a slight conversion) was placed on the front of the prestigious Modelwork forum. Should anyone be interested, the model can be seen on more photographs here :-).

12.11.2009 r. - I will be on Falkon
Marcin rzecze

Since this Friday I will be on Falkon. in Lublin. Two lectures plus film show. Everybody is invited of course :-).

30.10.2009 r. - A column in NF
Marcin rzecze

In the newest Nowa Fantastyka one can find my column "Machine heart" on the feelings in mechanic brains. Quite interesting. Enjoy :-).

29.10.2009 r. - Portykon
Marcin rzecze

This Saturday I will be on Portykon in Sosnowiec. Here is, what I'll do:


13.00 - 14.00, lecture room 1 - Shocking psychological experiments

18.00 - 19.00, lecture room 1 - An author meeting and gamedec spot show

20.00 - 21.00, competition room 1 - gamedec competition

21.00 - 22.00, lecture room 1 - Self defence mechanisms

Everybody is invited, of course :).

19.10.2009 r. - The 5th tome
Marcin rzecze

I work pretty hard on the fifth tome of gamedec adventures, so it is time to announce it's working title, and to show it's unofficial cover. The title is "Gamedec. The time of strong creatures". And the cover can be seen below. The illustration author is Marcin Jakubowski.



13.10.2009 r. - Fantasy Days in Płock
Marcin rzecze

This Saturday (17.10.2009) I will visit Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury at Tumska 9, and attend my author meeting, where the gamedec promoting spot will be presented. I will tell how the film was made, and share the knowledge on body language and the differences between male and female communication. Everybody is invited :-).

13.10.2009 r. - Deadline
Marcin rzecze

The SuperNOWA publishing house announced the date of publishing the "Storm" gamedec tome: February 2010. Let us hope that fans will handle it.

08.09.2009 r. - Blog change
Marcin rzecze

Gildia, though quite a nice portal, didn't meet my expectations as far as blog service is concerned. I decided to move. Should you be interested, you may find my blog texts here http://forum.cdaction.pl/blog/marcin_przybylek. Enjoy :-)

07.09.2009 r. - A column in Nowa Fantastyka
Marcin rzecze

In the newest issue of Nowa Fantastyka one can read my new column "The philosophy of Matrix". Enjoy :-).

22.08.2009 r. - Polcon
Marcin rzecze

I will be on Polcon.

Here's what I'll do:


12.00 - 13.00, room 358 (assembly hall) - Panel discussion with Andrzej Sawicki: Computer games - a new kind of art

16.00 - 17.00, room 38 - Psychologia głębi - a multimedial presentation

17.00 - 18.00, room 358 (assembly hall) - Aliens on the Earth - a lecture

19.00 - 21.00, room 358 (assembly hall) - An author meeting and the last pre-premiere show of an animated spot promoting the gamedec saga (leading: Klaudia "Foka" Heintze)


16.00 - 17.00, room 38 - Narrative identity (a theory by Dan Mc'Adams) - a lecture

18.00 - 19.00, room 362 (competitions) - A gamedec contest


12.00 - 13.00, room 38 - C. G. Jung typology - a multimedial presentation

Everybody is invited, of course :)

25.06.2009 r. - A handful of information
Marcin rzecze

I am sorry for temporary absence. I had so many things to do, that I lacked time virtually for everything. This news will collect everything, that is was missing.

1. I hope, that today one still can buy Nowa Fantastyka containing my column "Reflection":

2. Most probably tommorrow it will be possibile to buy the newest Nowa Fantastyka with my article "The Brain and the Reality"

 3. In Fahrenheit one may read a splendid review of "Gamedec. Little Toys: Flashes" by Mariusz Klimek. Enjoy :-).

4. A promotional animated film of gamedec is finished. It looks great and it sounds perfect too. Internauts will be albe to watch it from September 2009, on the day when "Gamedec. Little Toys: Storm" will have been published. However there will be some occasions to see it before that. The first public presentation took place during Festiwal Fantastyki in Nidzica, and the next will be during Zahcon, Avangarda and Polcon. You want to see it? Come and see it :-).

5. I attended Festiwal Fantastyki in Nidzica. The atmosphere was superb, regardless of rainy weather. Nidzica is a pearl on the map of polish conventions, I have no doubts about it. I delivered a presentation on paintings by Tomasz Maroński, which was received very well (one of the guests were Robert Silverberg and his wive), I showed the film of gamedec, and said a few words (with T. Maroński) how it was created (R. Silverberg and his wife were also present, and enjoyed it very much). On Sunday I delivered a lecture on narrative identity. I met many friends and spent the time of my life.

6. This weekend I will be in Toruń on Zachcon. This is the plan:

Friday, 19.00, assembly hall - author meeting and the presentation of the gamedec film
Saturday, 9.30, lecture room - narrative identity presentation
Saturday, 11.30, lecture room - future games lecture

7. Next weekend I will attend Warsaw Avangarda. This is my plan:

Friday, 16.00, room LIT 2 - Jungian typology lecture: how different "types" write and read
Saturday, 13.00, room LIT 1 - author meeting and the gamedec film presentation
Saturday, 21.00, room LIT 1 - Jungian deep psychology lecture

Everybody is invited of course :-).

29.04.2009 r. - A column in Nowa Fantastyka
Marcin rzecze

Some of you will be probably happy to hear that in the newest NF you can find my column "A dimension higher". Enjoy :-).

29.04.2009 r. - Stream of interviews
Marcin rzecze

In the book by Agnieszka Kawula-Kubiak "Lubię być fantastą" ("I like to be a visionary") one can read interviews with the following authors: Andrzej Ziemiański, Mieszko Zagańczyk, Milena Wójtowicz, Marcin Wroński, Sebastian Uznański, Wojciech Szyda, Jacek Sobota, Piotr Rogoża, Michał Protasiuk, Andrzej Pilipiuk, Jacek Piekara, Romuald Pawlak, Łukasz Orbitowski, Konrad T. Lewandowski, Maja Lidia Kossakowska, Jacek Lech Komuda, Jarosław Grzędowicz, Rafał Dębski, Eugeniusz Dębski, Jakub Ćwiek. There is a very interesting interview with me as well, with striking, exposing statements of my wife. Enjoy the reading :-).

23.04.2009 r. - Film news

We gladly inform, that the spot production rallies. Main producers: Jarosław Handrysik and Tomasz Maroński claim they will have finished their job by the 15th of may. The composer, Robert Letkiewicz says, one week will be enough for him to adjust the music. As far as sound f/x guys are concerned, they are already collecting sound samples. Hopefully, the animation will be ready at the end of may.

11.04.2009 r. - Easter
Marcin rzecze

Came from Sumers, the oldest civilization on the Earth, dating from 4 000 B.C. Sumers knew astrology extremely well. They celebrated New Year in the day of Spring equinox. In that day, the line between the Earth and the Sun points at the Pisces constellation, or, to be exact, the border of the Pisces and the Aquarius. This line in that very day changes it's position year by year, "going back" to the previous Zodiac signs. This phenomenon is known as the precession, and is caused by the circular movement of the Earth axis (which completes it's cycle during 25 920 years, what is called the platonian year). This is why we slowly enter the Aquarius era, and before the Pisces we were at the Ram era, and before that in the Taurus era. Eras change every 2160 years. And the Sumers knew of it. Where did the golden calf come from? It was the worship of the Taurus era. Where did the divine ram come from? The figure of Jesus was associated with the Ram era, and Christ is connected with the solar cult. So what to wish during Easter? First of all - happy new year, and let the Aquarius era bring new, interesting events :-).

25.03.2009 r. - Pyrkon
Marcin rzecze

If you want to meet me at Pyrkon in Poznań, I will have a readers meeting on Friday, at 18.00 in sala literacka 1, then, on Sunday at 11.00, in aula I will attend a discussion on whether s-f literature can be belles-lettres, and finally, at 13.00 in sala literacka 1 I will deliver a lecture "Do you want to change somebody? Change the situation". Everybody is invited :-).

25.03.2009 r. - Zajdel Award Ready for your vote

On this website one can vote for his favorite texts in 2008 to be nominated for Janusz Zajdel Award. If you consider "Gamedec. Little Toys. Flashes" worth the try, you are welcome :-). Here is a non-official list of s-f and fantasy texts published in the last year.

25.03.2009 r. - Spot info
Marcin rzecze

The animators claim they will have finished the spot promoting gamedec story till the end of April. That's nice, isn't it? If what the sound guys is right, and they will add voices during one week, we will have a neat movie in the first decade of may!

24.03.2009 r. - An article in CDA
Marcin rzecze

Forgive me, I just noticed, that in the newest CDA you can find my article on aggression. You have one week to buy the magazine. Enjoy :-).

22.03.2009 r. - Nowa tapeta
Marcin rzecze

I know you grew tired waiting for the 4th part of Torkil's adventures. Honestly, I'm also impatient and can't wait. But like you, I can do nothing to fasten the process. To sweeten the wait, I present you a new illustration of gamedecverse. This time it is an official logo of the gamedec world, painted by an excellent artist, Marek Okoń. In pobieralnia (polish site) you can download several kinds of wallpapers with the picture. Enjoy :-).


14.03.2009 r. - A Plebiscite in Katedra

Katedra anounced a plebiscite on the best book of 2008. "Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes" is nominated. Vote if you like!

19.02.2009 r. - Review in Paradox!

On Paradox website you can find a very positive review of 'Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes" by Maciej "Kwiatosz" Kwiatek. It is a very good news, because, as far as we know, it is a first gamedec review in this website. Enjoy :-).

30.01.2009 r. - A column in Nowa Fantastyka
Marcin rzecze

In the newest NF one can read my new column "Troubles with eminence". I is not typical, because it's twice of the normal length. It is typical though, as it puts some issues heads over hills ;). Enjoy.

30.01.2009 r. - Spot
Marcin rzecze

One could hear rumours concerning animated spot about gamedec. It is true. A short movie is being made about Torkil and his world. It will last more than one minute. The producing crew is changing, but the most important persons are Jarek Handrysik and Tomek Maroński. You can view a screenshot showing one of the firs scenes. The flying objects and "postproduction" effects are not visible yet.


15.01.2009 r. - Monday with TVP 2
Marcin rzecze

If you watch "Pytanie na śniadanie" in TV programme 2, you will have an opportunity to see me on Monday, at 10.10, live. Together with Mr. Tomek Sobierajski (sociologist), and presenters Ms. Beata Sadowska and Mr. Tomasz Kammel we will discuss on 'the sins of young corporation workers". I was invited because I wrote the heretic book "Salesmanship or death. An Antiguide". I hope everything will be all right, that is, big corporations will get it ;).

08.01.2009 r. - Lost review

In Game Exe portal an author named Valandil Falassion wrote a very interesting review of "Little Toys. Flashes" on the 20th of December 2008. We have found it just today, and so we inform about it. The text is quite unique, because Valandil did not read the previous books about gamedec, nevertheless he praises the tome reassuring he will read it again. Very good!

01.01.2009 r. - The Watch
Marcin rzecze

A New year begins every day in every second of passing time. Nevertheless people agreed, that in common in our country calendar the threshold moment is the midnight between th 31st of December and the 1st of January. Perhaps it is a good moment to introduce into Gamedec Zone a new concerning time element. It is a clock measuring time, but not "our" time, it is the universal one. So there won't be hours, minutes and seconds, but hekts, mons and cets. I hope you will like it, and as far as readers of "Little Toys" are concerned it will help to understand what the universal time really is. Happy New Year :-).

23.12.2008 r. - New Column in NF
Marcin rzecze

A January Nowa Fantastyka is already available. You can find inside my column "Twórczość" (Creativity). I hope you will like it as I love a fantastic review of "Little Toys. Flashes" by Jakub Winiarski which is also inside the issue. Mr. Jakub! I hope to meet you someday, and having done that, to shake your hand. There is no better Christmas present than such a review :-).

23.12.2008 r. - Christmas
Marcin rzecze

I won't wish you anything, because wishes are like spells: they change reality according to what we think the other person wants. Sometimes it causes havoc: we create a lot of parallel universes, where nobody wants lo live. So no wishes. Instead I assure you, that I think well of those who think so of me, and as far as the others are concerned, I wish that love embrace them, and insight alike :-). Adam and Eve have their big day on Christmas. It is also a pagan solstice holiday. It is good to think at that day. good. And beautiful. It is good to think so about the next year, which has it's beginning practically every day, and theoretically on the 1st of January. I hug you mightily, beliving, that the rest of Gamedec Zone team, namely Lafcadio, wiesniak and Siena, hug you too: carefully and lovefully ;).

21.12.2008 r. - "Little Toys" in Radio Lublin
Marcin rzecze

If you feel like listening to my talk to Ms. Małgorzata Żurakowska in "Okienko literackie" in Radio Lublin, concerning the first tome of "Little Toys", you may find it in pobieralnia (polish version of the site). Enjoy :).

20.12.2008 r. - Chat from Wirtualna Polska

If you haven't seen videochat in wp with Marcin Przybyłek, don't be sad. From now on it is available in pobieralnia (polish version of the site). Enjoy :).

14.12.2008 r. - Would you like to know, how Torkil looks like?
Marcin rzecze

It is my 40th birthday today. It's a nice moment, at last I don't have to be ashamed that I'm "thirty something". It is good to think back and forth, to wonder deep, and create, of course if one can. Hence it's is such a perfect day, I decided to share with you a beautiful illustration by Marcin Jakubowski, showing, in allegoric way, the main hero of my writing, Torkil Aymore. I hope you will like the picture as I love it. Anyway, it was appreciated in professional portals, in CGTalk for example it was shown on the first page, which is quite an honor. You're invited to visit the Downloadables.

Best regards

Marcin Przybyłek

29.11.2008 r. - Review in Valkiria

In Valkiria one can read an excellent review of "Little toys. Flashes", by Michał "Zolt" Sobiech. Enjoy :).

29.11.2008 r. - A column in NF
Marcin rzecze

In the newest Nowa Fantastyka one can read my new column "Worship a psychopath". Quite interesting, I guess ;). Enjoy :).

29.11.2008 r. - Visit in Pułtusk
Marcin rzecze

On the 9th of December I will meet pupils of Pułtusk high school. It's a quite an important event, because it will take place in the very school I used to attend. So it will be a sentimental trip. Time passes...

29.11.2008 r. - Article in Tipsomaniak
Marcin rzecze

And so begins my cooperation with CD Action magazine. It's a big pleasure, and, so to say, a nice comeback ;). One can find my article in Tipsomaniak added to the December issue (it will be available since the 2nd of December). It's title is "Reality is a game". Enjoy :).

24.11.2008 r. - Video chat on WP
Marcin rzecze

There will be a video chat with me on the 27th of November on Wirtualna Polska, at 14.00. If you have questions, there will be occasion to express them. All you have to do is to enter this site, click the green button "zadaj pytanie", and write whatever you like. You can do it right now. All are welcome :).

22.11.2008 r. - Review in Wirtualna Polska
Marcin rzecze

In Wirtualna Polska one can read an excellent review of "Little toys. Flashes" by Rafał Śliwiak. One word of warning though: the middle section of the text contains a serious spoiler, so if you haven't read the book, don't look there. Having that said I wish you joyful reading ;).

14.11.2008 r. - I'll be at Falkon
Marcin rzecze

On Saturday, The 15th of November I'll visit Lublin and it's famous Falcon convention. My lecture "Wanna change a man? Change the situation!" will take place at 16.00 o'clock. A very attractive competition concerning gamedec knowledge will be at 18.00. All are welcome :).

14.11.2008 r. - "Storm" cover

SuperNOWA publishing house revealed the look of the cover of the second book of "Little toys". Nice, isn't it? The illustration author is Tomek Maroński.

25.10.2008 r. - Review in Gildia
Marcin rzecze

You can find a new review by Wojciech Kobza of "Gamedec: Little toys. Flashes" in Gildia portal. Enjoy :).

25.10.2008 r. - NF Column
Marcin rzecze

In the newest Nowa Fantastyka one can find my column concluding the two previous ones. The title is "Four dimensions". Intriguing, isn't it?

21.10.2008 r. - The first review!
Marcin rzecze

In portal Poltergeist you can find the first review of "Gamedec. Little Toys. Flashes". Enjoy :).

15.10.2008 r. - A gift from Gamedec Zone

On the 19th of September there was a premiere of "Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes". The readers will have to wait for the second part "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" till January / February 2009. To make this waiting sweeter, Gamedec Zone has decided to present the fans a picture by Tomasz Maroński, a talented illustrator of many covers. It is "Archangel Skymour" (those who have read "Flashes" know what it is), and, like "Warsaw City" before, it's a result of a very intensive cooperation of Marcin Przybyłek (who made a nuisance of himself as far as details were concerned), and a patient artist. The picture was painted in a great secret before summer holidays. Till now it's been granted a Silver Gallery prize in Max 3D portal, and was presented at the front page of a prestigious IT'S ART portal. Congratulations, Tomek! The picture can be downloaded from pobieralnia (polish version of Gamedec Zone). Enjoy :).

06.10.2008 r. - Blog reactivated!
Marcin rzecze

After some break I decided to reactivate the blog. Two interesting (I hope) texts can be found there. One of them deals with a scientific side of "Little Toys", and the second one reveals a very interesting mystery... Enjoy :).

26.09.2008 r. - Beata Kajtanowska for the second time :)
Marcin rzecze

I won't hide my joy, that a good website like Katedra (and a nice forum like Zaginiona Biblioteka) have noticed gamedec existnecne. I'm even more happy that the author of the review of "Sprzedawcy lokomotyw", Beata Kajtanowska, finds the book very good. Enjoy :).

20.09.2008 r. - Premiere and review!

It's a great day today. It took two years to write the 3rd part of gamedec adventures. If we add the work of SuperNOWA, namely of Danuta Górska, Mirek Kowalski and Marzena Kłos, who dared to deal with 1000 pages story, we will have three years of hard work. The result of this work you can buy today in book stores, that is... half of the result, that is the first tome, "Gamedec: Little Toys. Flashes". (The 2nd tome, "Gamedec: Little Toys. Storm" will appear on the shelves early next year).
Let's celebrate!

An additional surprise is a great review of "Reality Border" by Beata Kajtanowska, which can be read in Katedra. Enjoy :).

29.08.2008 r. - A new column
Marcin rzecze

In the newest Nowa Fantastyka one can find the second column in the "Ob Vious Things" series. On originality this time. Enjoy :).

12.08.2008 r. - Premiere, World premiere and Polcon
Marcin rzecze

You already know, that the 3rd tome of gamedec story will be divided into two books. However they no longer will be "Little toys I", and Little toys II" ("Zabaweczki I", "Zabaweczki II"), but "Little toys. Flashes" ("Zabaweczki. Błyski"), and "Little toys. Storm" ("Zabaweczki. Sztorm"). The first one will appear on bookstore shelves on the 19th of September, and the world premiere of it will take place on Polcon. Regretfully, I will not attend this event, for which I apologize my friends and organizers. Go there, see the book, feel it's scent and you will feel my presence.

24.07.2008 r. - The first column
Marcin rzecze

The first article by me in the series "Ob vious things" ("Rzeczy oczy wiste") can be read in the newest Nowa Fantastyka. It's title is "Feeling of guilt" ("Poczucie winy"). I hope you will like it, although it's controversial, as usual. The further, the more interesting the columns will be :).

15.07.2008 r. - The winner got the prize!
Marcin rzecze

We have just received a photograph of Piotr Topczyłko, the winner of GAMEDECVERSE competition. As you can see, the graphic tablet he holds is real, he is real, and our joy is real. Piotr, we salute you :).

08.07.2008 r. - News from the battleground
Marcin rzecze

Now it is certain. The third part of Torkil's adventures will be divided into two books: "Gamedec. Toys I", and "Gamedec. Toys II". You can look for them in the bookstores in November and December, respectively. The cover art for the second tome was made by Tomasz Maroński. Beautiful :).

01.07.2008 r. - I will be on Avangarda
Marcin rzecze

This Saturday (July, 5th), I will attend to the Warsaw Avangarda Convention. At 18.00 I will lead a meeting with Andrzej Zimniak about his book "How humanity will NOT die" ("Jak NIE zginie ludzkość"), and later on, at 19.00 I will deliver "Free will - oh really?" lecture. All interested are welcome of course :)

24.06.2008 r. - English site!

Gamedec Zone ENG has just started.

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